Monday, November 3, 2008

Will winter come?

Sunday: Sunbeams on Vitosha

Sitting on the steps outside the English building this morning in a patch of sun with my Chai Vanilla Latte and my copy of A Farewell to Arms, I thought: this is how November should be. Everyone said Bulgaria had a wintry climate - watch out for snow, fog, ice, general winter malaise. Didn't Victor Krum and his compadres in Harry Potter come from Bulgaria wearing floor length fur coats and swimming in the icy Hogwarts lake without batting an eye? Bulgarian law decreed that all cars put on snow tires and drive with their lights on beginning last Saturday. 

Yet this morning I had to move to a patch of shade when I started to sweat, I open all four huge windows in my classroom every day to keep the temperature reasonable for my students, and Brett and I played tennis in shorts on Saturday and Sunday - outside of course, though the newly erected bubble at Dema Tennis Center is all set for the supposed onset of winter. 

Just to be clear, I'm not complaining. But November in Bulgaria looks a lot like June in Duluth, Minnesota so far! 

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous sky shot, and pleasant reversal of weather expectations!
Bruce is jealous of Brett's quick assimilation of top spin. He can't do it (yet). I suggest a tennis lesson with both of you in December? If you have success with him, there's nothing you could buy which he'd rather have than that. Sid: Can you do topspin? jm