Friday, November 7, 2008

Recommended: Quantum of Solace

Daniel Craig hit Bulgaria at the Arena Mladost theater last night at 12:01 a.m, and you can bet your ex-pat correspondents were there to see it, enthroned in the space station-esque theater in our giant armchairs. So what's the difference between seeing a new James Bond movie in the U.S. and seeing it in Bulgaria? For one thing, we got to see it seven days earlier! Whoo hoo Bulgaria! A small sampling of other countries that will be viewing Quantum of Solace before the U.S.: France, Sweden, Thailand, Argentina, Croatia, Romania, Panama, and Nigeria. 

OK, enough gloating. The point of this post is actually not to rub in the fact that we got to see it first (ha ha! ha ha!) but to RECOMMEND it. Daniel Craig is the best Bond, even better than Pierce Brosnan (stop guffawing, I thought Brosnan was good). Particularly watch out for a great scene taking place at the opera "Tosca." Don't even try to guess how they worked that in...  One piece of advice - watch Casino Royale again before going to see Quantum of Solace." Unlike most Bond movies, this one links to its predecessor. 

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Anonymous said...

David,Pat,Bruce and I are talking about a film club -- i.e., film viewing followed by discussion at dinner. Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace could be our entry movies. Thanks for bringing it forward.