Saturday, February 21, 2009

17 Miles, In Shorts


judy baker said...

Hi kiddos!
Brett - looks like you did your run - shorts, ice-faced and all. Good Job!

Betsy - you made me smile talking about herbs and spices. Cumin is definitely one of my favorites. When you do live in a place where you can "raise your own" herbs, it's SO much fun! At the end of the season, you can snip branches, bring them inside to hang to dry, and then use them all winter.

Thanks for your essays and pictures. It helps us stay "close".

Love, mom/judy

Betsy said...

Hi Judy,
Yes, I'm excited to grow my own! I will definitely ask your advice when we get to cultivating an herb garden in the states. So far I'm thinking of mint, basil, and rosemary. Does Cumin come from something you can grow? It's smell and color make me think it's probably imported from some highly sunny and palm-filled location. Thanks for commenting! It is fun to stay in touch this way!