Friday, February 20, 2009

Discovering Cumin, the Essence of Chipotle

Last night Roxanne came over for "Cooking with Roxanne" round two, and we made chili. Last week she taught me to roast chicken and make chicken cous cous salad, spurring me to use rosemary and thyme for the first time. Then last night I had the great delight of cutting open my first tiny spice bag of cumin. It smells like Chipotle (the restaurant, not the pepper). 

I had no idea. What sweet bliss!  

I can now produce a tiny portal to my favorite SoCal Mexican food restaurant in my own kitchen. I just need to figure out how to make lime salt for the chips... 

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Anonymous said...

Betsy! I love cumin, too. I hope you'll make me Roxanne's (and now your) chili, and the couscous salad in August. mom