Thursday, February 26, 2009

Surf Maroc

Come April, after strolling through the souks of Marrakech for three days with Brett, my friend Tom and I will be boarding a "Supratours" (no, not Supertours) bus across the Atlas Mountains for the small Moroccan fishing village of Taghazout, where we will spend three nights in the "Villa Mandala" learning to surf with  Surf Maroc - a beach hotel / surf camp run by two partners from the U.K. We'll wake up to the sound of waves crashing on the point, dodge camels as we walk across the beach, eat Moroccan tagines and cous cous with the other guests at night and visit Agadir if we need a break from the rolling surf. The Surf Maroc staff will set us up with wetsuits, boards, instruction, and whatever level break we are ready for - there is a huge variety of waves in the area. Whoo hoo!

Check out their website and many more photos at:

Then, if you're interested in surfing, check out this great website of surf tips from "Kahuna Bob," who recommends that when you catch your first wave you shout "HOOYA" all the way into shore: I definitely plan to take his advice, and convince Tom to do the same if at all possible. 

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Anonymous said...

The real surfers are at this moment sitting in their pickups at the south end of Brighton Beach here in Duluth, waiting for a break in today's snowstorm, which is piling up waves against the icy rocks that that put the thrill in Minnesota surfing. Wish you were here.
Here's the url(admittedly a little long):