Sunday, February 15, 2009

Meet Ingrid and Emma

One wonderful agency in Sofia is trying to help lost or abandoned dogs and cats. The "Bulgarian Society for Animal Protection and Preservation" (BSAPP for short) regularly saves animals from the streets and matches them with loving foster or adoptive families. We are happy to be the new foster parents of Emma and Ingrid, 3 month old kittens who are currently experimenting with the idea of sitting on a lap (a little scary), learning how to chase a ball (so strange), and falling in love with the warm spot behind the futon by the heater (ahhhhhh).

Find out more about BSAPP at:

Get all the latest Emma and Ingrid photos (we had to give them their own blog so they didn't take over ours) at:


Tanya said...

Tried to leave a comment over on the kitties' blog, but it didn't work.

O & F are somewhat in shock after learning two new kittens have joined the Potash feline family. They've taken out their angst on a few more screens, and I'm thinking a trip to the feline counseling service might be in order. I haven't told them there's an entire blog devoted to I & E, but I'm sure Clousseau and Cato, talented espionage felines they are, will soon lead them to the site.

F & O want to hijack a plane and come to Bulgaria to make sure E & I don't replace them as the alpha family cats. I suggested that wasn't a good idea, so they're taking advanced boxing lessons from Hendrix in preparation of meeting their new siblings.

Betsy said...

I can see how O & F would be concerned, and C & C could certainly stir the fire. But this time we are really foster parents, teaching E & I how to be pets so they can go to a loving family and never go back to cages again.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't leave a comment on the new blog, either, and I wanted to do so! Advice? J/mom