Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Where Reality and Socialist-Realist Art Meet

In Prague, all artistic traces of communism are gone. 
Statues like these on the Charles Bridge tend to be religious or political.

In Budapest, more than twenty huge Socialist-Realist statues have been consolidated into an underfunded statue park on the fringe of the city. A tour bus arrives at the grounds outside Buda each winter day at 11:30, and takes a load of freezing tourists back to the comfort of Pest at 1:00.

In Sofia, many of the statues towering over downtown parks have been towering for over two decades, still representing the false glory of a bygone political era.

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Anonymous said...

Red type on a black field is an arresting combination, and the content of this post caught my interest, too.
Three countries, three responses to the past! Is money the main factor in the differences? Are the sculptors of any remaining statues known? Thanks for your work, Betsy.