Thursday, May 7, 2009

Betsy's Santorini Journal: Sunrise, Day #1

Sunrise in Santorini and I was the only one watching bright clear light flow across the blues, pinks, and whites of Oia ("eeh-ah"), igniting the reds in the cliffs of our next-door-neighbor island. That fresh pastry smell hung over the only road as I flip-flopped along on the marble, admiring the sheet of silent water to my right. 


A young man popped up onto my path from the Caldera cliffside, carrying four crates of fresh bread, baked in an oven far below, for some restaurant unknown. He smiled his good morning, and let me take his picture.

A dog following me lounged onto a whitewashed roof and looked out over the sea, as intent in his gaze as if waiting to see the love of his life arrive on the next boat. I hope she comes soon. 

SantoriniI moved on. Tiny flower wreaths hung on doorways, and motor scooters lined up awaiting the next happy tourist butt. I continued through town and into the hills, finally turning up an inviting stairway. From the top, I could see the sun shifting through the clouds onto Oia, tracing its warm way across blue church domes and whitewashed alleys, awakening visitors and locals alike, as the city bells chimed 7 a.m. 

Now I sit overlooking a full right-to-left expanse of blue, with a dachshund-shaped set of cloud puffs hovering above where Fira - the party capital of Santorini - balances on the edge of the island. Fira and Oia are yin and yang, chaos and peace. 

A cat just scooted through the plant next to me, gray fur against salmon and white stucco, then slipped under my legs in search of someone who has NOT yet finished the Melenio Bakery set breakfast #1. What an inspiration to include chocolate cake in the lineup. And such a very fudgy frostingy one. 

My book and leftover napkins are bobbing around in the breeze. It is mostly friendly but a little cold. I have bare feet, but luckily wrapped that oh-so-European accent, the silk scarf, around my neck before leaving my home-away-from-home, Villa Kallisti - the cutest Greek island dwelling ever to resemble a cross between a cave and a treehouse. 

Boy do I have plans for this day. But no rush. I like the way it's starting. 

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Anonymous said...

You made small stories of everything, Betsy, and then gave away each one. My morning - because of you - was broadened and beguiling.
I enjoy seeing what I read, and I like to yield to your imagination -- letting it shape my own. I'm very happy to have shared your first sunrise in Santorini. Appreciation is coming with love from your mom