Friday, May 8, 2009

Santorini Sunsets

The town of Oia spreads across two sides of the end of Santorini. Luckily for sunset-lovers, one of those is the Western side. Come 7 p.m. on a clear night, hundreds of people begin gathering throughout the steep streets and castle ruins of Old Town Oia, jostling for position, holding up cameras to take picture after picture of themselves against the sunset sky. 

Nothing blocks the view from the cliffs, across the water, to the sun's dropping path. The light gets warmer as the air gets colder, and the moon lifts out of the sea as the sun drops into it. In the final six minute stretch, there is a soft buzz of camera clicks as every viewer exits the real world and enters the world of their 3 X 5 pixelated screen. 

On our last night, Brett and I decided just to watch. Mostly. With just a little photo documentation...


Anonymous said...

Lavishly lovely! My favorites are the middle two of the top row, the second shots on each descending side, and the bold, full circle sun on the bottom row. Yum! mmmm! This is certainly fun for me. P.S. The eyebrows on the emerging man from the sea are superb, too. Tell him not shave them. Love mom

judy baker said...

Wow! Great sunset pictures! Brett, I am reminded of the morning at the Grand Canyon where we all gathered to take pictures. Everyone was whispering as if the sun wouldn't come up if we were too loud. Then there was only the sound of camera shutters as the sun began it's ascent - a morning not to be forgotten.