Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Great Balkanski Circus: Coming to an empty lot near you

She is standing on a pole that he is balancing on his forehead (I just thought you should know). 

The Great Balkanski circus arrived in Mladost this week, just about the same time as Juliana. So, OBVIOUSLY, we went to see it together and enjoy its astounding acrobatic acts, its absurd magic show, and its very odd clowning. We had a fabulous time, and strongly recommend that if the Balkanski ever arrives in your neighborhood - setting up on an empty lot just two blocks away from your house, as it did here in Mladost - you GO! 


Mountain Bike Holiday said...

Great blog thank you for the info.

Anonymous said...

The circus set-up, two blocks from one's house, is ideal for me. I'm now on alert, so that when the GBC appears in my neighborhood, I'll be ready to "go", as ordered. Keep having fun, and thanks for bringing me along with you at the beginning of this adventure. xom

judy baker said...

A version of the Cirque du soleil not to be missed!! Such fun that it was so close. Keep enjoying!