Sunday, November 29, 2009


Amsterdam, city of museums, bikes, prostitutes and pancakes. But we didn't go to any, or ride any, or see any or eat any.

Instead, we wandered. Up one canal and down another, taking in a rainbow of brick houses to the tune of spinning bike wheels and gently lapping water. We drifted into the red light district, through the eclectic shopping zone known as the nine streets, across museum square, around the train station, and back again. And again.

We dodged bikes, mopeds, cars and raindrops. We ate the best appeltaart in Amsterdam on our friend Iva's recommendation. We shopped at an organic market for a picnic that included sushi, dried bananas, Italian herb olives and blueberries. We saw houses that appeared to be tipping off their hinges - only lacking Pisa's horde of flashing cameras. We poked into a game store with Japanese Go, Magic cards, and mini-bowling. We listened to street artists on accordions and saxaphones and watched bathing birds in the Vondelpaark. We happened upon towering lit church towers and intriguing bakeries.

Guides to Venice always say just get lost. The same goes for Amsterdam, which, by the way, has 15 more canals than Venice. Who knew?

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Anonymous said...

These pictures are my first look at Amsterdam. I'd like to see the towering, lit church towers, too.
Thank you, Betsy, and a question before signing off: Are you sponsoring the video bar to the right side of your posts? xom