Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Off Season

We were lucky to be in Cinque Terre the last week many of the restaurants and gelaterias were open. On our five-hour hike between the towns, we literally saw no other tourists. A few older women hunting truffles with their dog (dogs are favored over pigs these days because you don't have to wrestle them for possession of the mushroom), older men repairing vineyard posts before the winter, olives awaiting collection in their groves, women singing while they pruned grape vines, and groups of locals clustering around the town bakeries. Maybe not off the beaten track, but at least off the beaten season.

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Anonymous said...

"maybe not off the beaten path but definitely off the beaten season" should be used again, somewhere. Nice portrait of your wife. Beautiful blues and satisfying angle on the boat. Molten steel sea? Gorgeous. Having both of your takes on an olive grove interested me. I'm glad I don't have to choose a preference. This grove was an arresting subject for me! I like olives in many foods, and Juliana used to want ONLY olives on her pizzas, here. How do you feel about your presentations? J