Saturday, November 7, 2009

Swine Flu Vacation

Well, it's official. The Bulgarian ministry has declared an epidemic in the country, and all schools are required to take a vacation for the entire week. We are lucky not to have any symptoms, despite the plummeting attendance rates in our classes Thursday and Friday. My last section Friday had 7 students of the usual 17, so we just spent the time on our (wonderful) outside reading books. It was strangely silent in the room.

No one at ACS is too worried about the flu - from all we hear, it is just like any flu, except it spreads more quickly. The students were pretty much euphoric when the news came through on Friday that we had gone above 30% absence and would therefore qualify for the epidemic vacation.

Faculty on campus are dashing madly through the virtual world of travel opportunities, choosing between Montenegro, Zagreb, Bulgarian resorts, Greek Islands, etc. This is a travel chance to unexpected to pass by. Having considered Zagreb, Dubai, and even Tokyo, we are currently leaning towards Cinque Terre.

Maybe we'll get some of those masks to wear on the flight, I saw a happy-looking couple downtown today sporting them.

Image Source: Scrape TV Online.

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