Monday, November 23, 2009

Angles on Cinque Terre

Vernazza in the foreground, with Corneglia around the bend

Corneglia in the morning

Vernazza at night

Monterroso in the morning from the Via Serra

Vernazza from the Breakwater

Part of the fun of the towns of Cinque Terre is seeing them from different angles, brushed by different kinds of light.

These pastel balancing acts cast separate spells from cliff top vineyards, winding wood paths and harbors' edges, from narrow alleys and through archways.

They are new with the sun behind them and above them, when the sun is bouncing off the water or fading through smoke, new viewed through an orange tree or a cactus, across olive groves or between tree leaves.

The towns of the Cinque Terre - whether left, right, below or above me, sunny or shadowed or lit - never failed to draw my eye from the path ahead.

Riomaggiore from the Harbor Viewpoint

Corneglia from the Upper Sanctuary Path

Manarola from the beachfront path

Corneglia from within the town

Vernazza from the north


Anonymous said...

"From Another Angle", indeed. This series reminds me of the angles you found for (re)viewing France's premiere tower. I enjoyed them, and these, very much. P.S. The Cinque Terre coastlines look to dwarf the north shore's inlets and palisades.

judy baker said...

Charming and beautiful at the same time. I'm curious as to how you explored the towns - one end to the other? And how much time did it take in total?