Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Different Kind of High

As Brett conquered the Rila mountains today, I worked on an altogether different challenge: making homemade pita bread, one of my favorite foods. In California, we bought pita every week at the farmer's market. In Vermont over the summer, I generally bought Otter Creek bakery out of homemade pita every time I stopped in. In Bulgaria, the only place to buy pita bread is at Annette's Moroccan restaurant downtown. And while I'm glad to have that option, I decided to give the recipe in my new Moosewood cookbook a try, to see if I could get a bread balloon with a bit more verve. The results, as you can see, rival the Rila mountains in height and grandeur (scroll down to Brett's post for the comparison photos). 





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Anonymous said...

please send me the recipe? xom