Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Oslo, Norway

The Old and the New sit comfortably together

A Vigeland sculpture, crafted by one of Oslo's most famous artists

Many colorful buildings adorn the lanes spiderwebbing out from the main tourist street, Karl Johan's Gate

Bread on display inside a local bakery

The Opera House on the Harbor

Visiting Oslo is like discovering a new neighborhood in a city you already like. It welcomes you in, offering new possibilities with a feel of familiarity. Fountains spring up in streams and bubbles, de Luca delis proffer ice cream and calzones on seemingly every corner, bicycles wizz by, and sun streaming through the trees beckons you into the parks. You might stumble across a miniature farmer's market behind the cathedral and buy some raspberries, wander down to the harbor and see the Nobel Peace center by accident, admire the fashionable chic of the Norwegians coping with the onset of fall with sweaters of every color, thickness, and length. You might have a cardamom roll in a warm bakery and notice a pile of blankets in the corner for people to take out to the chilly courtyard. 

At least that's what we did. And liked it. 

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