Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Home of the Gods

Thanks to the infinite kindness of the Bulgarian government, we had a four-day weekend after the first week of school. Betsy and I chose to spend it in Greece, along with another ACS couple, Jeff and Shannon. We drove to Mt. Olympus on Friday night, and then went in search of the gods on Saturday. Unfortunately, Zeus had other things in mind, and decided to shroud the deities in cloud, and then for good measure, dump a little rain on us. Since you can't get to the top in foul weather (it involves scrambling over steep wet rock, which we were advised against by everyone we talked to), we decided to head down early. When it wasn't raining, the floating and swirling mists made for dramatic scenery as they obscured and revealed various parts of our surroundings.

Jeff, Shannon, and Betsy at the beginning of our hike, when we were still optimistic
And then the mists came

A moment of relative clarity
On the way back, we ran into a massive goat crossing. They seemed to stick to one side of the road, though Jeff had to get out and chase a few stragglers away so the car could get through.
"I despise the paparazzi."

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Anonymous said...

I heavily endorse putting the funny, captioned photo at the end of your posts. After marveling at prior material, this fan is then set up to laugh especially hard before closing. thx! jm