Saturday, September 12, 2009

Maliovitsa Lake

Yesterday I had to regretfully cancel a weekend hiking trip because I had too much work to do. Twenty minutes after canceling, I got an email from a friend at the Embassy, Sam, who asked if I wanted to go for a day hike to Maliovitsa in the Rila Mountains. It was the perfect antidote to my conundrum, allowing me some needed outside time, but also letting me get work done tomorrow. It turned out to be a most spectacular ridge walk, reaffirming the impression that Bulgaria is home to some mighty impressive mountains. Pine forests down low, then open meadows with streams and cascades, then high rocky areas, and finally the ridge, a wind-swept expanse overlooking Rila Monastery to one side, and a chain of lakes to the other. Below you see the main lake as we met it and then climbed above it. More posts to follow with other pictures of the hike.


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Anonymous said...

Do more parallel concepts!!!
I loved the two individual series by themselves, but I enjoyed them even more as a variations on a theme.