Monday, September 7, 2009

Glimpses of Norway

Before we leave Norway behind and welcome students back to ACS, I thought I'd post one last look of some iconic images:

This building is in the restored village of Otternes, and a colorful example of the sodden roofs we saw.

On our final day, when we were beginning to think that rainbows avoided the fickle fjord weather, we saw this while taking the train back to Oslo.
Betsy on our ferry tour of Naeroyfjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Houses in Myrdal, at the top of the valley leading into the fjord.

Sometimes the weather made for some striking contrasts. This was not taken with black and white film.

The tiny town of Undredal is famous for two things, its stave church (above right), which is the smallest functioning church in Norway, and its cheese.

A last glimpse of the Borgund Stave Church


Anonymous said...

I envy you guys. How did you get the job in Bulgaria. I'd like to do the same. Could you post about how you did it?
Thanks. You are an inspiration and a motivations to many I think.

Betsy said...

We used the agency Search Associates, a placement firm that holds fairs around the world. You register your information with them - transcripts, rec letters, etc. and then go to one of their fairs, where international school heads can look at your materials and then interview you. We went to the Boston fair, and interviewed with schools in many places - Venezuela, Britain, Uzbekistan, Dubai, Austria, Bulgaria - before choosing the American College of Sofia. Good luck!