Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Matter of Scale

The monasteries of Meteora hide among the scattered rocks jutting up from central Greece. Below is the monastery of St. Nikolaos Anapfasas, framed at various distances. It is one of the lowest in Meteora, but still requires hundreds of steps to climb. The structures seem to grow from the rocks, taking their forms from the lines and limitations of their surroundings. Though they cling to the cliff, the inside is stable, buttressed with wood beams and stone walls. Most of the monasteries consist of a worship room, a place to hold wares, and some private quarters, in addition to hallways and staircases connecting the various levels. Before they were easily accessible by walkways and staircases, the monks would hoist their wares, and even themselves, up with ropes and nets. The modern pulley system can be seen in the last picture.


Anonymous said...

Brett: The monastery photographs intrigue and meet some need in me. May I please have whichever one you would choose for my 2009 gift?
I was able to be associated with the Benedictine Monastery (once called Convent) here in Duluth for many active years. Now, I visit the chapel for quiet and reflection, and special events like the Tibetan sand painters and musicians. I also like to walk the cloister walk, the woods' walks, where is their cemetery and the outdoor, stations of the cross.
I love your work and remarks. Thanks for making me laugh, too. J

judy baker said...

I can think of no other word but INCREDIBLE! (although WOW kind of fits too)