Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Different Kind of Culture

Brett: Hey there, hot stuff.
Betsy: Hi. (Dramatic Pause) I'm really good at juggling. (Brett steals Betsy's juggling balls with amusing malicious grin. Betsy, annoyed, pulls a new set out of her hood.) 
Brett: Oh really? Can you do this? 

So began our juggling debut at Lincoln College Pub's Wednesday night open mic. If I do say so myself, we rocked that historic basement room with tricks like hyperspeed, the robot, tennis, and partner passing. 

The applause is still echoing in our ears; maybe some day we'll take the show on the road. Oh wait, we are on the road. 

Pictures courtesy of Open Mic emcee Chelsey Meek. Thanks, Chelsey!

1 comment:

Chelsey Meek said...

Great job you two...maybe I should take up juggling and meet a guy? :)