Friday, July 4, 2008

The perfect gift?

"Orange toilet paper will make a statement in any bathroom. A big hit in Europe for years, it has finally made its way to America. Discover today a highly unique product for all your cleansing needs and dirty deeds... The perfect gift for a hard to gift hostess." 
-Renova product description,

Who knew? When our scout (helpful Oxford cleaning personnel) came today she left us two four packs of "Peach" toilet paper and the new accent color in our bathroom is orange! Maybe in Bulgaria they will have grape, or better yet, starfruit. 

In other unusual news from Oxford, this week I managed to make chocolate chunk cookies measuring my flour in mL and my oven degrees in Celsius; I saw a monk with a four inch forked goatee (and carefully shaved head), and someone passed me on the way to class talking on her cellphone while riding a bike. 

PLUS, we just celebrated the independence of our nation in the nation that we stole our nation from. If that makes sense. Our pack of Breadloafers (and spouses!) convened over turkey kebabs and strawberries and cream on Lincoln College's grove quad, which would normally support croquet, only. Seriously. 

Ooh, and I spent my first afternoon in the Bodleian library, after ordering a 1931 Medici Society version of Grey's Elegy to look at and getting it several hours later after the computers went down. Yep, even in the most expensive research library in the world (I think), the computers go down and the librarians just laugh offhandedly and mention returning after lunch.

I'm off to bed, to dream of peach tp, grilled turkey, hordes of cyclists, and the crowning moment of this day, in which I hit the four dart numbers Brett and I needed to defeat Dave and Eric with three darts, winning the game and forever earning a place in the college pub's dart hall of fame (at least in my dreams).  Goodnight.

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Brett said...

Seriously. Betsy is REALLY GOOD at darts. It's a little scary.