Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Not a Tale from Life Abroad

This doesn't exactly fit the theme of the blog, but we know some of you have been wanting to see wedding photos (ahem, Tanya). We promise to get more up on Kodak Gallery before too long, but in the meantime here are a few to see. Thank you so much Pat and Brianna for taking pictures for us!

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Tanya said...

Finally...I couldn't be more elated...Big tears of joy and love are running down my face as I write this...Of course, there will be a section of Namasté devoted to your wedding photos, and of course, I'll want to see all the ones you post up on Kodak...But for now, thanks for posting these...Both of you happy, happy and both of your beautiful on your wedding day...Love, love, love from The Farm...

PS: Eliza just walked in with another kitten she found on the side of the road..,,We're looking for a home for it NOW..