Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Paris Post #4: Food

Log houses of long crusty baguettes, piles of black currants, shapely slippery wedges of quiche, delicate almond macarons poofed around thin layers of almond cream, cakes dusted with sugary patterns, delicate pureed prune pastry pockets, lumpy long cured meats in various delicate coatings, hefty slices of sweet brioche coated in fat sugar crystals, chocolate creme croissants, goat cheese in every shade of powdered or paper-covered white, cream, yellow, eggshell, ivory, beige and alabaster.

When it comes to a picnic or a snack, Paris has everything that could be desired. Though some argue that its restaurant culture has long lost its edge on the world, its boulangeries (bakeries), patisseries, street stalls and markets continue to delight the Parisians and visitors who wait happily in line for their favorites. In general, the longer the line, the better the reward at the end.

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