Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Oxford Canals

This morning as the sun floated lazily on the Oxford Canal and I walked its edge, I saw only a few living creatures: a duck paddling with one foot as it dozed with its head tucked onto its shoulder, a fisherman staring into the reflection on the water, a soft white cat belonging to a houseboat, and some young bikers en route to something exciting. 

What is it about canals that attract? Why do people love Venice? Why did Californians construct a new world of canals in Venice Beach? Why do I love this walk in Oxford so much?

Flowers spill over the edges of dusty little beachfronts, incongruously laid before expensive brick homes in something-or-other-period architecture. Battered canoes, bright plastic rowboats, and the occasional kayak float tethered to the shores, though I've never once seen a person in one. Ducks seem to feel the territory is their own, barely shuffling out of the way when I walk by. 

Three steps down from the bridge on Charles Street and I am in another world, the sunny sleepy world of reflected flowers and weeping willows dipping their branches, a world ruled by half-conscious ducks. I like it here.


Tanya said...

GREAT Photos, Betsy! You and Brett are really having an amazing experience. Loved the video of your flat...The food photos made my mouth water...I'm envious and delighted that you two are getting your marriage off to such an extraoardinary start...You're my favorite blogger!

Kitties are fine, adjusting to outdoor life, lots of birds, moles, chipmunks, etc...They still like to have their tummies rubbed.

Love to you both from The Farm....Tanya

judy baker said...

Thanks so much for sharing your world with us. I loved the gardens, the canal pictures the best. And what a fun video!!
Look forward to talking soon. Love, mom/judy