Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Welcome to Oxford's Covered Market

If your shopping list includes purple blush calla lilies, a cake masquerading as a Dolce and Gabanna purse, peanut butter chocolate chip cookies heavy on the smell of warm gooiness, live crabs, fresh figs, wheels of farmhouse cheddar mild, medium, or sharp, crunchy hot baguettes at widely varied prices if not varied sizes or tastes, or perhaps just a perfect sphere of white chocolate truffle or a plastic tub filled at an olive buffet, the Oxford Covered Market is for you. As long as it isn't Sunday. Or after 5 pm. Or before 9 am. 

Don't be fooled, it is by no means a Farmer's Market, or particularly a place to save a dime. It IS a consistently happy moment in the days of many who pass by on the way to work or play, study or sleep. It is a miniature world of food tucked away within acres of historic buildings. Fish stare into each other's eyes and apples compete to be the most shiny. It's well worth a look for any visitor to Oxford, and well worth an almost daily walkthrough for those of us not on the meal plan...

Coming soon - photos of Oxford's real Farmer's Market, Wednesdays at Gloucester Green. 

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