Friday, July 25, 2008

"Make Tarator not Terror"

This morning when I opened the "Standart News", a daily English newspaper from Bulgaria, the picture of the day was of the Razgrad Yogurt Festival. That's right, there is currently a yoghurt festival going on in Bulgaria with the slogan "Make Tarator not Terror." (Tarator is a kind of yoghurt soup popular in Bulgaria and several of its neighbors). It's good to know we are moving to a country with this kind of appreciation for dairy and peace.  

Find out more at:

P.S. We are headed for Paris tonight, so look for pictures from the city of light next Tuesday! 


Brett said...

I'm in heaven...

Lindsey said...

That's pretty amusing; my Bulgarian friend actually does a really weird thing with plain yogurt (somehow converting it into something resembling yogurt soup) that totally grosses everyone in my lab out... but I've always been a pathetic yoplait fan, so who am I to comment!