Sunday, September 14, 2008

Further Adventures in Sofia

Why do I always wear my flip flops when going on big city adventures? I don't know, but Saturday those flip flops took me all over Sofia in an effort to connect the dots of the corners and streets we've visited and get truly familiar with my new environs. Here are a few glimpses into my tour...

Here is my (and probably your) first look at Sofia University. A lot of the Bulgarian faculty at ACS studied here. The University has several lovely buildings downtown, not far from the bright domes of the Nevski Cathedral. This one is on such a busy corner that if you want to cross the street here you have to walk into a little under traffic maze with multiple sets of stairs leading out of it at different angles. In the center of this secret land under the street? A huge circular glass showcase stuffed with books, like a little book museum. It's purpose? I have no idea!

These statues pop up everywhere during a walk downtown. 

As with the Eiffel Tower in Paris, one of my favorite things about Sofia's big landmarks is seeing them from far-reaching places, when I'm not really expecting them.

The doors of the Sveta Ndelya church were open when I walked by, and the chandeliers seemed to draw a lit path toward the front - many people were inside - perhaps a wedding?

I was intending to do some Back to School shopping here, but I didn't find any clothes. I did find a lot of other things though, including my very first smoothie in Bulgaria at the Bamboo Health Bar, an English bookstore with hilarious postcards, and incredible soap and candy stores.

The mall also featured the usual great combo of new (to me) Bulgarian entities - like this Corn Stand - alongside international stores like Hugo Boss and "The Apple Corner", home of the ipod in Sofia. 

I didn't even know that Romance and Magic had a headquarters! I didn't even know they were incorporated! 

See what I mean? Statues everywhere. This one is in front of the Radisson. 

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Anonymous said...

The pleasures of this post are reminiscent of the 52 photos you made of L.A. Your observations unfold patiently, persistently, minutely. Thank you for these intimate looks at your new city. JM