Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Interesting Fact for a Tuesday

Today it was a bit chilly in my classroom. Last night it was a bit frosty in our apartment. I noticed it was a bit nippy during my Bulgarian lesson. Hmmmm, I wondered. I see heat vents everywhere, but where is all the heat? Laura, my Bulgarian teacher, was the first to explain. She said the temperature had to be below a certain level for a while before they would turn on the heat. I left her room unsatisfied. What level? "They" who? My friend Roxanne supplied the missing details when she came shivering into my room a few minutes later. "The government controls the heat for the whole country. It has to be below ten degrees for three days in a row before they turn it on." 

Whoaa. I never would have guessed. Luckily, I have a lot of sweaters, and at the rate we're going, the government will be able to flip the switch in two more days. 


Brett said...

I, by the way, whole-heartedly support the government policy. In fact, I'd be tempted to bump the cutoff down to around 8 degrees if I were in charge. My wife, who is just as lovely when she's cold, will take some time to return to her native Minnesota roots. But her purple fingers sure are cute.

Mary and Jamie said...

Ack! Government controlled heat? Stay warm. Looking through the pics I was starting to wonder why you were wearing so many layers and those gloves?? It all makes sense. Sending you some warmth from NorCal. Keep me posted on your adjustment to the cold. I fear I'll never be able to get back to that kind of weather. Love the pics and writing. How are classes?

Tanya said...

Brrrrr....I vote for a 15 degree cutoff. Betsy, remember that Brett spent a winter in Japan with no heat and almost froze on the Appalachian Trail so his body heat index doesn't count. :0) :0)