Saturday, September 13, 2008

What do the Mafia, a Russian Spy, the KGB, and Mish Mash have in common? ACS History!

For those of you patiently waiting to hear the purpose of the faculty house the government won't give back to ACS, the correct answer is B. Though Brett's father Sid makes the excellent point that if we know people are being protected from the Mafia in that house, it seems like the Mafia would know...

Anyway, here are a few more wild and true historical facts about the American College:

  • Our English dept. offices are soundproofed because they were questioning/interrogation rooms for the KGB
  • The most famous female spy in history, from Russia, used to live in one of the faculty houses currently being renovated
  • There is a system of underground tunnels spiderwebbing across campus; some international faculty held a haunted house there last year. Who knows what they were for, but they were added by the KGB during the Communist era.
  • The President of the School lives in the former house of the Head of the KGB 
  • The Bulgarian police use two abandoned construction projects on the edge of campus to practice repelling and play war games - a stray paintball rocketed onto campus from here last year 
  • In the field across from my classroom the same police play practice war games, and apparently I will be seeing them crawling along there with guns (rubber bullets) while I am teaching this year
  • One international student last year was dropped off by a bodyguard every day; apparently his father's links to organized crime were kept hidden from the school during the application process
  • The chef at the school (who makes excellent "Mish Mash" and other popular traditional Bulgarian dishes) has remained the chef throughout the changes in purpose and personnel on campus throughout the last few decades...

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