Sunday, September 28, 2008

Welcome to Fun City

It was a cold gray Saturday in Sofia, but things were warming up inside "Fun City", the bowling alley above the Outlet Mall in Mladost 2. That's right, it was the first annual face off between the ACS Science and English departments. Each side had brought in a ringer; Science had recruited Ivo, the man in charge of just about everything  at ACS, from driving new teachers to Greece to persuading boarder officials to let through packages of outside world goodies, and English had claimed Brett Potash as one of its own, arguing he would be teaching an English elective in just a few short weeks. 

Bulgarians, Americans, and Canadians alike, looking snazzy in red and gray velcro bowling shoes, faced off against the dreaded pyramid of pins with a brilliant array of fluorescent bowling balls. Of course not everyone looked as intimidating as Brett, who had on his usual lucky Winnie the Pooh bowling socks. Score was kept by Japanese computers, whose monitors were just as good at making those little taunting images when someone rolled a gutter ball as American computers. It was a bit tough to figure out which buttons to press when something went wrong, since the directions on the screen and touch pad were in Japanese characters, but the Bulgarian teenagers working the place seemed fluent. 

Since we left long before the intense competition came to a close, I couldn't really say which department won. But the main thing is, I almost broke 100. 


the fastest cats in the west said...

hi brett this is raya and josh, hope you are well. all three of us will be going to school at warren wilson in the spring, you sould come visit if you would like.
safe travels

Anonymous said...

wow crazy. i am also trying to tracking you down. hope all is well. someday i would like to tell my adventures post olney. take it easy brett.