Friday, September 5, 2008

Introducing the Pie Recipe Contest

Who says its not worth leaving comments on blogs? We here at From Another Angle LOVE to read comments and to prove it, I'm taking "JM" up on her suggestion of a pie recipe contest. If you have a fruit pie you love, and wouldn't mind sharing it with a group of pie-loving Americans living in Sofia, Bulgaria, post the recipe here under "comments". I'll try out as many as I can (assuming I can scrape together the ingredients from the Bulgarian supermarkets) and then post pictures of my attempts. You may be thinking, wow, that sounds like a lot of fun for you but what's in it for me? Just kidding, I know you are way too kind hearted to think that. Just imagine how happy all the pie-eaters will be, and they'll have you to thank for it. 


Anonymous said...

I'm pleased, and I'll play. Within days, look for recipes for the Spence's pie and mile high strawberry pie = 2 pies I grew up eating with them, and have never forgotten! JM

Lindsey said...

I did notice that you didn't weave your lattice top properly in the earlier pie post- doing that absolutely makes it taste better:)
Oh, and have you tried pre-cooking the apples before baking the pie?