Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mount Vitosha

Fall is on its way to Mount Vitosha. Straw-colored fields of native grasses, purple thistles, and rose hips galore on bare bushes surrounded us as we hiked up from Simeonovo yesterday, just a short fifteen minute ride away from our apartment in our trusty little car. We pulled over on by the first trail head we saw, then marked our way with sticks as we chose turn after turn, finally arriving at a marked path to the top. Having achieved this glory, we turned around and went home. It was late in the day and we were hungry, but the afternoon had been a pleasant furthering of our acquaintance with the mountain. 


Anonymous said...

Dear Ones, thank you for that calm, leaf strewn path on Mt. Vitosha, and the details of the walk, too. I like the name "Mt Vitosha." Might you know if the word is Russian, and what is the translation? It made me happy to see that man with the staff, and to imagine his winsome wife behind the camera. Love to each of you from JM on a ferociously drenched day. P.S. Picture ME under the eaves, smelling the cleaned air through an open window, and reading yet another Willa Cather novel.

Anonymous said...

Betsy: This is your aunt through marriage, Sharon. I have not talked with you for quite some time, but there is no time like now to start. Your mom showed me some of the pictures of your wedding. Congratulations! I just loved the picture of Brett holding you with you barefeet peeking out from under your dress. You were a beautiful bride with a handsome husband. I would love to continue some type of communication while you are abroad. I do not know if it will be much, but I sure can give it a try. You can always email me at sguerre@comcast.net. I love reading and seeing such great pictures on your blog. Hope all is well. Sharon & Mark Hall