Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Canadian Thanksgiving

We celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving Sunday with about twenty other ACS faculty. Cat, our next door neighbor, baked two turkeys - one in her apartment and one in the oven below her - and actually cooked pumpkin, actual pumpkin, down into bars with hand whipped vanilla cream. The rest of us contributed a motley assortment of food: squash cooked with onions and apples and brie cheese, bean dip with the one kind of corn chips available in Bulgaria (think about that next time you pass the eight thousand competing bags in your grocery store), wine of every color and flavor, zucchini bread, carrot casserole (I didn't dare, but I hear it was really good), cheesy potatoes, terrible Greek chocolate bread (ah well, at least we had fun picking it out), and so much more. We ate turkey and gravy and stuffing, casseroles and breads, and dessert. Then we talked until we were ready for a few more bites of turkey and some more dessert; it was a food and friendship festival of the best kind. Hurrah for Canada!

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Anonymous said...

I knew you'd share Canadian Thanksgiving with us. What will you bring - instead of bad chocolate bread - to the November gathering? How about Catch Phrase?
As nice as it's been, I've put on weight just reading and viewing this blog........xom