Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Random Knowledge

Well, it's only Tuesday, but I've already learned a lot of things this week...
  • Brett is WAY better at folding laundry than I am. It's like getting my clothes delivered from the Gap.
  • Prague castle holds the unusual distinction of "Biggest Ancient Castle in the World." No other castle will ever be able to compete. In your face, Edinburgh. -Prague
  • There are a lot of prepositions that begin with B. Think about it: before, beneath, beside, by, between, beyond, below. Weird.
  • When one ceases to attend Bulgarian lessons, one ceases to remember Bulgarian words.
  • A good sangria requires a lot of sugar, and hungry card players can eat a lot of sugar cookies.
  • No one is allowed to take photos of the American embassy, but why this is true I can't imagine.
  • Only one Belgian has ever had a top pop hit on the American charts, and she is known world-wide as "The Singing Nun."
  • Those incredible waffles with the toppings heaped all over them are called "Belgian Waffles" for a reason. And Belgians invented (heavy sarcasm with fingers up in little curling pairs) "French" Fries. The French just invented the cut. Macdonald's menus should really read "French cut Belgian fries."
  • My students LOVE their new outside reading books. They are always waiting for a chance to dart behind my desk and grab them. I love that they love them.
  • Budapest is actually a combination of two cities on two sides of a river - Buda, and Pest. Pest is the popular twin. Buda is known for having.... a hill. Yep, from Buda you can see all the wonders that are Pest, so it's got that going for it.

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Anonymous said...

buda/pest, brett/gap, indeed. made me laugh! mom