Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fall on Vitosha

Betsy and I took a ten minute drive up to Vitosha today, and spent the morning wandering ever upward until we got tired, then spent the early afternoon meandering down, accompanied by a friendly white dog we met on the way.  The leaves are threatening to abandon the trees, with enough already fallen to soften our way.  A perfect day for hiking...

This scene reminded us of Minnesota.

We followed this cascade most of the trip, though we weren't quite as smooth.  A windstorm last week knocked debris all over the trail and we were frequently sweeping it out of the way.
Just in case you needed a teepee

The obligatory "Betsy being simultaneously silly and nimble" shot.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad I quickly saw that you meant "Autumn on Vitosha". If you'd begun the post with Betsy hanging from the tree branch, I would have assumed a sprained wrist, at the least.
The birches were beautiful! thx, jm