Friday, October 10, 2008

Teaser: Greece, Melnik, and a big deep Hole

We are back from Thessalonikki round two. Our new Bulgarian visas now occupy a full page of our rapidly declining passport space, and a giant Greek chocolate dipped fruit bread (at least we hope it's fruit bread, it could be a braided bread shaped block of metal under all that chocolate) is waiting to go with us to Cat's Canadian Thanksgiving party on Sunday. One rooster, three sheep, two cows, one bull, and a half dozen goats shared our road on the way home, but we stayed relatively cheerful singing along to the radio "...Turn around, bright eyes..." and, in my case, attempting to read stage notes on Shakespeare for the Othello unit coming Monday whether I'm ready or not. 

The purpose of this post is not so much to tell you about the trip, as to tell you that I'm going to tell you about the trip. And post pictures. Lots of telling. Lots of pictures. But until I do (soon), I leave you with this question... where is the big deep hole? How did I get in there? How did I escape? This is called "a cliffhanger" and leaves the reader (that's you) eager for more. So keep on visiting the blog to find out more - we broke 2000 this week! Whoo hoo!

Goodnight. Try not to dream about the mafia kidnapping you like I did on Wednesday night. Instead, dream about going on a morning walk in Greece, like I did last night. Start with a narrow street, crowded with fruit stalls, the sun rising behind a hill overflowing with houses...

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Anonymous said...

Betsy & Brett:

I so enjoy reading all of your adventures. I find myself wishing I could live my life over and have even more fantastic voyages. I have tried to see as much as I can so far and by reading your blog I can get the feeling that I am there, too.

You both are fabulous writers and photographers. I loved the "Had a Bad Day" video, that is one of my favorite songs.

Keep it up. Does Jane know about this and has she written you at all? She would love this and I would be happy to show her how to get to it, etc.

Margaret turns 93 on Monday and Jane, Mark, Audrey (a long ago friend) and I will be celebrating at her home at the Care Center Dementia unit. She is doing fairly well. She is 93 and all. She still remembers all of us, but is confined to a wheel chair, mostly so she doesn't fall.

Life goes on. You two take care and email whenever you want.