Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Celebration of the Friendship between Bulgaria and Italy

A few weeks ago we visited a party hosted by the Italian Embassy in Borisova Gradina Park. It was a festival celebrating the cultural connections between Bulgaria and Italy, featuring olive oil displays, an on-site brick pizza oven serving flat hot goodness, mascarpone everything, and, best of all, a large stage hosting pizza dough throwers. To be more specific, pizza dough throwers doing pizza dough throwing routines set to music. Roxanne Gorman took this brilliant video which I am now privileged to share with you. Enjoy (as if you could help it).

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Brett said...

As Betsy and I are fond of saying, "only in Bulgaria." And maybe Italy. My favorite part of the night was when the guys who were actually working at the pizza stand at the Italian festival came out from behind the counter and started taking pictures of the "pizza dancers," like teeny-boppers at a Hannah Montana concert. We love this place.