Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Fountain

The ACS Fountain

I've just jumped on board with a half-Bulgarian half-English literary journal at ACS. We have one month to come up with an eighty page conglomeration of photos, poetry, and short stories in two languages. The journal is called "The Fountain" after a lovely pastoral spot on campus, where students and faculty get together for formal events or just to say hi.

Did I mention we haven't had our first meeting yet? And that we only have half the funding required to publish the journal? And that the journal has never merged English and Bulgarian before? And that the administration wants the content to be high quality literature? Whew!

The Bulgarian adviser is experienced, and I will rely on her expertise. Hopefully, by the end of the chaos I will know some of my students better, and know a bit about editing a magazine. It seems like a handy thing to know...

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Anonymous said...

Yet another growth-producing experience! I look forward to updates. love, mom